St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology

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प्रवाहितो ज्ञानगंगाप्रवाह



St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology, Patna has constituted various committees to fulfill its mission & vision. These committees have members from the management, faculties, other staff, and students.

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The Academic Activities Committee aims for the holistic development of students through organising various academic activities like discussions, debates, seminars/conferences/workshops/Quizzes, etc. for students in consultation other faculty members and members of the management of the Institution. The Committee encourages students to showcase/develop their talents through their participation in academic activities organised by other institutions at the State level/National Level/International level. The committee works for promoting educational innovation among students. The committee creates ample opportunities for students so that they can explore their talents and develop leadership qualities among them to become responsible citizens and good leaders in society.

The Cultural Committee at St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology, Patna works with a core objective of upholding the mission of the institute i.e is to contribute in the overall development of a students in non-academic area such as dance, singing, anchoring, acting, etc. The Cultural Committee plans and execute several cultural events which are in tune to our college Annual Theme. All these events give students opportunity to showcase their talents and remove their stage fear.

Cultural Activities are organized to bring out various talents of the students. To provide platform for building artists and musicians. To inculcate team spirit and to account for overall personality development of students.

Welcome to the heartwarming world of morning prayers at St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology. The concept that educating the mind must go hand in hand with cultivating the soul is at the heart of our institution’s culture. This concept is embodied through our Morning Prayer Committee, which strives to establish a space where students and teachers may begin their day with unity, appreciation, and purpose.

The Morning Prayer Committee is committed to fostering a feeling of solidarity and awareness in our college community. We are great believers that beginning the day with meditation and thankfulness sets a positive tone for the hours ahead. Our objective is to give a platform for students and teachers to join together, regardless of faith or beliefs, and engage in a communal moment of inspiration.

Our strength is diversity, and our belief is inclusiveness. Our morning prayers are intended to be inclusive and adaptive in order to meet the diverse range of religions and backgrounds represented at our campus. You’ll find an atmosphere of welcome here whether you’re a person of faith, spirituality, or simply wanting a moment of peaceful contemplation.

The Social Awareness Committee of our college plays a pivotal role in creating awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility towards social issues. This committee organizes a wide range of activities, campaigns, and workshops to educate students about various pressing concerns in society. From promoting gender equality and mental health awareness to advocating for environmental sustainability, the committee strives to make a positive impact. Through its initiatives, the Committee inspire students to actively engage in community service and volunteer work. They encourage students to participate in activities that address social challenges and contribute to the betterment of society. By fostering empathy, compassion, and understanding, the committee helps students  to develop a broader perspective and a deeper appreciation for the world around them. The committee’s efforts are not limited to the college campus . It collaborate with local organizations and NGOs to extend their reach and impact. By partnering with external entities, the committee is able to organize events and campaigns that benefit the wider community. This collaborative approach allows students to actively contribute to meaningful social change and make a difference in the lives of others. The Social Awareness Committee serves as a platform for students to voice their concerns and ideas. It provides a safe and inclusive space for discussions and debates on social issues, encouraging students to think critically and engage in constructive dialogue. By nurturing a culture of open-mindedness and respect, the committee helps shape socially conscious individuals who are equipped to address the challenges of the world. In conclusion, the Social Awareness Committee of our college is a catalyst for positive change. Through their initiatives, they empower students to become active agents of social transformation. Let’s continue to support and participate in their endeavors for a better and more inclusive society.

Welcome to Sports Committee of the College. It gives me immense pleasure to introduce sports committee to the faculty members, students and other visitors. We believe in holistic development of students. We give importance to the physical fitness of students and faculty members. Sports are one of the ways to improve physical as well as mental well-being. Sports Committee is a very active committee of St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology. Our College provides adequate sports infrastructure to facilitate sports events. We conduct various indoor and outdoor sports events on frequent basis. We organize various Intra-College and Inter-College sports events. Annual Sports Day ‘Aasmaan’ is organized every year in a grand way in which various sports competition are conducted like: Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Table Tennis, Carrom, Tug-of-war etc. We have dedicated football ground, Basketball court, Badminton court etc. We have adequate sports equipment. Our students participate in various sports events organized outside the college at district and national level and they have won various awards and medals. Following are the objectives of sports committee:


  • To instill a passion for sports among students and educators.
  • To provide for everyone’s participation in sports education, coaching, and training so they can learn how to maintain their physical fitness.
  • To increase participants’ interest in the sports community.
  • To accomplish the objectives, we intend to hold a variety of tournaments in the following sports: badminton, chess, cricket, basketball, football, table tennis etc.
  • To encourage students’ development of physical competence as well as their own physical health and well-being.
  • The committee strives to foster traits like sportsmanship, teamwork, etc.
  • It is intended to serve the community’s interests in competitive sports and other leisure pursuits, including both indoor and outdoor activities.

Principal's Message

Fr (Dr) Martin Poras SJ

Education in the words of W.B. Yeats, “is not the filling of a bucket but the lightening of the fire”. Yes, education is about igniting change within; forming men and women who would have the strength of character, the moral fibre, and the courage of conviction to stand for what is right and just. It is about enabling people with voice and choice.