St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology

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प्रवाहितो ज्ञानगंगाप्रवाह

Examination Department

Examination Department

St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology is affiliated to Aryabhata Knowledge University (AKU), Patna. It follows Semester pattern for teaching-learning and evaluation of students. The college conducts Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) during the semester. It comprises 40% of the marks for every subject. The CIA consists of modules such as activity, Mid Semester Test and Class Presentation. For activity module, students put up exhibition, case study and Poster+ video short film making. Students are evaluated for creativity, working in group, communication skills and  application of theory leant in class and VIVA VOCE exam. For Mid Semester Test module, students appear for 2 hours 30 minutes written exam. The exam follows the pattern of AKU End Semester Exams. For Class Presentation Module, students are given topics to prepare and present before the class. The evaluation criteria are: subject knowledge, answering questions, Communication skill and personality. This way CIA modules are designed for every semester to make  teaching-learning – evaluation activity purposeful and enhance subject knowledge. The End Semester Examination is conducted by AKU for 60% of the marks.
The CIA is centrally organised by the Examination Committee chaired by the Controller of Examination. Tentative examination calendar is prepared at the beginning of the semester which includes the modules, allotted marks and guidelines for the exam. It is shared with faculty and students.  The students maintain lab manual for practical papers. Group discussions and reviews are conducted periodically for Internship / On Job Training / Internship. Retest is conducted for valid reasons such as serious ill health, accidents, death in the family, etc. The students need  to apply to CoE with supporting documents for Retest consideration. The CIA marks are displayed to the students for discrepancy or any correction before submitting to AKU. The minimum passing mark is 40%.The Examination Department gives top priority to the welfare of students.
The CIA is conducted with meticulous planning, in a transparent manner and with specific time frame. Every module is evaluated by internal as well as external examiners. Students redressal committee is setup to respond to the difficulties or complaints of students regarding examination. This way the Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) effectively achieves the six characteristics of Jesuit Education. They are competence, compassion, conscience, collaboration, creativity and commitment.

Controller of Examinations 's Message

Fr (Dr) Sebastian Alphonse SJ

"It is a challenge and noble task to educate someone, not just to equip him/her for a career or a job, but to live a meaningful, joyful and peaceful life. All my efforts in this institution are towards the formation of men and women for others. I strongly believe that the fulfilment of my life depends much on the quality of life enjoyed by my sisters and brothers around. So, let us work towards the education of the HEART which is the HEART of education."