St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology

NAAC Accredited with B++ Grade (1st Cycle)

प्रवाहितो ज्ञानगंगाप्रवाह



Sl. No.PhotoName of the EmployeeDesignationE-mail Id
1Mr. Alexander NatalExecutive
2Ms. Bela StephenSecretary to the
3Ms. Nikita BraganzaOffice
4Mr. Vikash Benjamin ShaAssistant
5Mrs. Rekha
6Mr. Sudeep KumarAssistant
7Mr. Tapeshwar Prasad YadavGraphic
8Mr. Prabhat KumarComputer Lab
9Mr. Satya Prakash NarainPhysical
10Mr. Vishal Joshua LalOffice Assistant to Controller of
11Mr. Sumit KumarOffice Assistant to Vice

Principal's Message

Fr (Dr) Martin Poras SJ

Education in the words of W.B. Yeats, “is not the filling of a bucket but the lightening of the fire”. Yes, education is about igniting change within; forming men and women who would have the strength of character, the moral fibre, and the courage of conviction to stand for what is right and just. It is about enabling people with voice and choice.