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प्रवाहितो ज्ञानगंगाप्रवाह



St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology has various clubs that are run and managed by students. It helps in the all-round development of students and inculcates leadership skills, knowledge,  communication, problem-solving, group development and management, handling finance, presentation, and public speaking. Clubs are guided by faculty members as mentors. Click here to view the List of Clubs in Academic Year 2023-2024

Xavier Dhwani Club is a harmonious platform where students with a passion for music unite. Through melodious gatherings, and performances, the club celebrates diverse musical talents. Members can refine their musical skills, collaborate on captivating tunes, and stage heartwarming performances that enrich the college’s cultural activities. 

Xavier Dance Club aims to promote the art of dance and provide a platform for members to express themselves through dance. It helps members to improve their dancing skills, whether they are beginners or experienced dancers. 

Kabir Club stands as a beacon of mutual respect and understanding, dedicated to nurturing connections among people of varied faiths and beliefs. The club fosters an environment where diverse religious perspectives merge harmoniously through enlightening dialogues, collaborative initiatives, and shared experiences. Kabir Club is committed to promoting inter-religious harmony and to spread sisterhood and brotherhood among the staff, students, and society at large.

The XAVIER ART CLUB (XAC) is your pathway to a world of limitless creation, where innovation meets imagination. Art club serves as the rhythmical soul of artistic expression on campus. We gather to appreciate the beauty of creation in a variety of disciplines, like painting, crafting and more. 

Xavier Quiz Club is a group of individuals passionate about testing and expanding their knowledge across a wide range of subjects. We organise inter-college as well as intra-college (Department level) quizzes. Participants from various schools and colleges come together to participate in quiz competitions, brainstorm answers to trivia questions, and challenge themselves intellectually. 

At the heart of every successful event lies the art of seamless communication and captivating engagement. The College Anchoring Club has a major take at every event as it weaves together the fabric of various clubs and organizations, and ensures the success of diverse events. Be it an academic seminar, a cultural extravaganza, or a celebratory gathering, our skilled anchors bring life and coherence to the occasion. Anchoring isn’t just about introducing speakers; it’s about creating an atmosphere, setting the tone, and ensuring every moment shines. 


Welcome to the Xavier Debate Club, (XDC) which is a student centric body to promote the culture of dialogue and discussion that define our times. The club tries to promote democratic values, respecting the right to disagree, strengthen the narrative of inclusiveness and sustainability and enhance process of creating informed opinion. This club takes issues of social, economic, political and other areas of concern and engages in respectful exchanges of ideas and views.  Join XDC to explore the art of rhetoric, and promote scientific temper as enshrined in our constitution.

“Poetry is really the only history we have of the human heart.”

A poem that takes up a few inches of space on a page can have the power to open readers’ hearts and maybe even blow their minds. Every poem has a shape. Samuel Taylor Coleridge called poetry “the best words in the best order,”

The College Poetry Club consists of aspiring poets and poetry lovers who appreciate lyrical art, experience the grace of expression, the force of words, and the wonder of verse.  

Welcome to the Xavier Photography Club – where creativity meets the lens! 📸 Are you passionate about capturing moments, telling stories through images, and exploring the fascinating world of photography? Look no further, as the Xavier Photography Club is here to help you unravel the art and science of this captivating visual medium.

Our club is a hub for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned photographers. Whether you’re someone who’s just picked up a camera for the first time or a shutterbug with experience, our community offers a supportive and engaging environment to learn, share, and grow together.

The club’s mission is to provide a platform for individuals to delve into the realms of composition, lighting, post-processing, and the multitude of techniques that make a photograph truly stand out. We believe that a great photograph is not just a result of technical prowess but also an expression of the photographer’s unique vision and perspective. Thus, we encourage our members to explore various genres, experiment with different styles, and push the boundaries of their creativity.

Let’s capture the world, one click at a time!

Get ready to unlock your potential and embark on an adventure through the captivating world of photography. Join the Xavier Photography Club today and let’s create visual masterpieces together! 📷🌟


  1. Camera Fundamentals
    1. Capture the moments
    2. Expert’s Tips
  2. Events like Sports, XEST, Cultural Programmes, and National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti and other campus activity documantation.
  3. Meeting/ Collaboration/Sharing ideas
  4. Extra knowledge about Macro Photography


  1. What students will get- fundamentals of photography?

The students should havePassion for photography

  1. Showcase our talent through Photography club – as a photo exhibition/competition.
  2. Xavier’s Photography Club is open for all, not only for BAJMC Students.
  3. Practice and experiment will enhance an additional skill with the club. 

Principal's Message

Fr (Dr) Martin Poras SJ

Education in the words of W.B. Yeats, “is not the filling of a bucket but the lightening of the fire”. Yes, education is about igniting change within; forming men and women who would have the strength of character, the moral fibre, and the courage of conviction to stand for what is right and just. It is about enabling people with voice and choice.